Vehicle Maintenance Essentials

A vehicle is a prized possession to anyone. Majority of us have worked very hard to own the vehicles that we have today. Many of us have collected the funds for it with the greatest difficulty and gone over hundreds of vehicles before making our choice on the one that we have now. It is important, therefore, that we maintain our vehicles in optimum condition, at least until we can afford to buy another. Imagine if you have to buy another vehicle even before you finish paying the loan off your current vehicle? It would not be nice at all. This is, however, bound to happen if you do not pay enough attention to vehicle maintenance. Many people assume that vehicle maintenance means that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a mechanic just for nothing. Well, it isn’t so. Every penny you spend on the mechanic goes in towards increasing the longevity of your vehicle. At some instances, you may not even have to go to a mechanic at all. You can do vehicle maintenance right at home. Here are some essentials that you should have in order to maintain your vehicle in optimum condition.

Mileage increasers

This is not so much a maintenance factor, but a longevity factor. The more mileage that our car does, the more you will get to use it. There are a number of petrol and diesel fuel additives available in the market today. Talk to your mechanic or the car dealer to know which one suits your vehicle the best. These additives help to remove the deposits formed during combustion in the fuel system and will also prevent the formation of new deposits. This will increase the fuel efficiency of your car and will increase its longevity. You need not go to a garage to get this done. You can do it right from home.


Oil is considered to be the life blood of your engine. Your oil goes bad, or levels run too low, your car is definitely going to be out sick. It is, therefore, very important to pick the right engine oil to ensure that your vehicle runs without any trouble. Over time, heat from the engine can break down the oil and decrease its viscosity.  By-products of fuel combustion can also contaminate it. The lubricating power of oil decreases when the oil is contaminated and less viscous. Check your user manual to know how long you can run before you need to go in for an oil change. Make sure that you stick to this schedule in order to maintain your car in optimum condition.

A good air filter

A good air filter is another essential item in maintaining your vehicle in optimum condition. A clogged air filter will decrease the air intake into the vehicle and will cause inefficient combustion of fuel. Your mileage will decrease automatically and you will be eternally spending money on fuel. You may consult your user manual or a mechanic to know when to change air filters. Dusty roads and areas with more particulate matter in the air will call for more frequent air filter replacements than other places.

Windscreen wipers

The windscreen is one of those things in the car that gets hardly noticed. Windscreen wipers get even less amount of attention. Windscreen wipers do a massive job in ensuring that you are safe when driving through rain, fogs or blizzards. You will not be able to see a thing if it wasn’t for your windscreen wipers. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that they are in optimum condition. Wipe the rubber parts of your wipers with 90 percent alcohol at least once a week to get rid of the dust and debris trapped in them. Make sure that you replace the wiper rods without delay if they are corroded.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment are another essential when it comes to maintaining your car in optimum condition. You will need to purchase some good cleaning supplies for both, the interior and the exterior of your car. A cleaning liquid and a polish are what should be at the top of your list. You may purchase a scratch remover to deal with those mild scratches that you get on your vehicle. A good vacuum cleaner can prove to be quite useful when removing the dirt, debris and food particles that may find their way inside your car.