Top Green Energy Solutions For Your Home

Green energy is on the rise in Australia. While overall energy output produced by renewable sources of energy is low compared to fossil fuel energy production, the country is rapidly adapting green energy solutions. Green energy is not just for large-scale commercial products. It’s very much possible to use green energy solutions at home and save hundreds of dollars each month on electricity bills. Here is a list of most popular renewable energy alternatives for Australian homes: 

Rooftop Photovoltaic Cells 

Most local areas are increasingly looking to install photovoltaic (PV) cells to save up on electricity bills. Some town councils now harness the energy of the sun to power phone boxes. You can easily install solar panels Perth in your yard or on the roof of the house to generate free electricity. For each square foot, these devices can generate about 10 watts of power. The average Australian home consumes only about a kilowatt of power. So several PV installations in your home would be enough to generate enough electricity for the whole month! And it’s not just in the summer. PV installations work even in cloudy conditions. You only have to worry if there’s zero sunlight during the entire day (which never happens in Australia).  

A Single Wind Turbine Can Power a Small Village 

Did you know that a single wind turbine could power thousands of homes at once? It’s possible to install a wind turbine on private property if you have enough land. Wind turbines are not possible in urban areas where space is limited. The neighbours might complain about the noise as well. But if you live in a rural area with a massive backyard, you can start generating cost-free electricity with a wind turbine. Wind power is considered to be highly stable. You do require a windy area, so locations in mountainous or coastal areas are great for wind turbines.  

Use PV Ovens instead of Electric Ovens 

If you don’t want to invest in equipment to get your entire home off the grid, you can still power parts of your house with sunlight at a lower cost. Most people have ovens in their homes. Here’s a little-known facts: ovens just eat up electricity. You can cut down on all the money you spend for your oven by switching to a solar oven instead. These neat little gadgets trap sunlight to naturally heat food. You can bake and cook with no added cost on sunny days. Not only would you save up on electricity costs, you can also use the oven during power outages. You don’t have to buy one if you don’t want to either. You can build a solar oven as well.  

Use a PV Water Heater 

Sick of using cold water because you don’t want to waste money keeping the electric heater on? You can always shower in warm water when you have a solar PV water heater. These are like the ovens, but they can pump heated water throughout the plumbing system. It’s a great solution for homeowners who want to go green.  

If you live in a property close to a source of flowing water, you can consider using hydroelectric power as well. But that option is largely limited to people with big estates. In the meantime, use the above suggestions to go green and save energy bills and the environment.  



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