Things to consider while buying a knife set

A good sharp knife can make cooking an enjoyable and exciting experience whereas on the other hand it can make the situation opposite as well. No matter what always try a knife before you purchase one on vegetables like tomatoes which are harder to cut with a rough knife, a reputable salesman will always ensure his customer’s satisfaction before selling any item. So what are the things essential to consider before buying a knife set? Number 1 is material, a knife is made of 4 types of materials stainless steel, Damascus steel, carbon steel, and ceramic. Let’s study all of them one by one. 


Stainless steel 

Stainless steel is the most softer metal as compared to rest of the types of metals knives are made from, and probably it is the most common type as well, the only drawback of this knife is it is prone to damage easily because of the nature of its metal and can flex and bend easily which can make it useless eventually. 


Carbon stays sharp for a longer period of time hence makes it ideal for manufacturing knives and the reason why they are more expensive than stainless steel knives. The fallback of this knife is they corrode easily due to carbon but if you compare and really serious about investing in a good shun knife set then go for carbon steel knife for more promising results. 


These knives are made of both carbon and stainless steel with a core made up of the former and exterior of these knives are made of the later. But you have to be very vigilant in order to recognize this type of knife as many stainless knives are also coated to become like Damascus knife. 


These knives are a must haves in your home, the only drawback is these knives can chip easily and need a diamond sharpener which is not readily available so it’s very much likely that you would have to give up the knife if its sharpness is compromised. 

The other things to consider when purchasing a knife is its weight 

The only reason a person should worry about the weight of the knife is the reason a professional chef prefers to have a big knife with some weight as it lasts longer without causing problems and usually the sharpness doesn’t go away any early. 


Who enjoys cooking with a knife which is not efficient enough to make a single cut without multiple strokes? While buying a shun knives set the 1st thing you should keep in mind is it should feel comfortable which holding and cutting almost anything. The handle grip should be firm and not put any kind of strain on your hand. 

Balance of the knife 

The weight of the knife should be equally distributed between the handle and the sharpened surface otherwise the knife would not function properly and will be really uncomfortable to hold and due to uneven balance it can break and fall apart very easily and won’t cut properly. 


A tang is an unsharpened surface of the knife which extends down the handle. There are three types of tangs, full tang, rat-tail, and half tang. A full tang is always the best choice as it has a better balance and there is very minimal danger of cuts as well. 

One last thing to keep in mind while shopping for a knife set is the handle type. There are really few pros and cons to a specific type of handle except the durability and strength. Wooden handles tends to be more strong and long-lasting as compared to the plastic one. You must protect your plastic handles from heat and fire otherwise the handle could melt easily.  

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