The process of criminal law defense

Criminal law encompasses those laws that apply to criminal acts. When an individual fails to adhere to these laws and breaks them, they must face the consequences. There are basically two types of laws: misdemeanor and felony.  Misdemeanor refers to those offences that are on a lower level such as minor assaults, traffic offences and small thefts. The penalty for these is a year or sometimes less. Felony is a crime that is more serious in nature and include murder, rape and arson among other things. Depending on the nature and gravity of the situation the penalty is a year or more. Due to so much exposure to criminal acts in movies and the media, most people believe that they are well versed on the different types of crimes but the law can be complex and for better understanding, here are some types of crimes: 

  • Personal crimes are those that cause physical or mental harm to another person and include assault, battery, kidnapping, homicide and rape. There are also assault lawyer campbelltown and other areas to help those that have committed this crime. 
  • Property crimes are those that cause interference with someone else’s right to use their property such as arson, burglary, forgery theft and embezzlement. 
  • Inchoate crimes are those that someone intended and started but did not finish resulting in an incomplete crime such as attempted robbery or attempted murder, conspiracy and solicitation. 
  • Statuary crimes are those that violate state or federal statues and can be either personal or can involve property. They include drunk driving and selling drugs and alcohol to minors. 

Criminal defense lawyers are lawyers that people hire when are charged with any type of criminal activity. Sometimes they are hired privately and other times different jurisdictions may hire them to represent those that have been accused and these are generally public defenders. Panel attorneys are lawyers that are paid by the government to assist public defenders and may or may not be available according to your state jurisdiction. The person who handles the process of prosecution of those who have been accused of committing a crime are known as your local district attorney. Unlike all these lawyers, private lawyers are paid by their clients and not by the government and usually offer higher quality service as they take out time to get involved in the case and include lawyers such as assault lawyers Parramatta and other areas. 

A criminal defense attorney starts by evaluation of the charges and evidence so that they can come up with the best way to move forward. Whether it is an assault lower in Campbell town or a public defender, they will want the charges to be stopped before they are formally files so that the case does not go to trial. They may present their case with evidence that gives the district attorney the whole picture an get the charges acquitted. If this doesn’t work then they will come up with a defense strategy and find a way to negotiate charges. They can come up with a plea bargain to reduce the consequences. They also help you deal with the emotional aspects and help you deal with embarrassment that you may face and also give you their objective opinion of how they think this case will move forward. You lawyer will give you a run down of all the rules and laws that apply to you and will also be there to represent you in court when there is a hearing in case of a trial. They will use the experience and knowledge to navigate your case to the best possible outcome. 

Something as simple as an assault can turn into a complicated situation if you don’t have a skilled attorney with you. The first thing that you need to do when charged with a misdemeanor is to find an assault attorney in Campbell town or any other area or another type of criminal lawyer according to your charges.  They are experts in defending the accused are trained in every element of criminal law and the resulting court process. When you have an attorney then law enforcement agents can’t contact you without your attorney being present and this results in preventing hasty decisions. They know your rights and allow you to fight on equal footing with the prosecutors as you have the backing of your own legal counsel. 

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