Rescuing An Ipad With Cracked Screen


Getting a crack on the iPad screen surely gives you a heart attack because the whole functionality of the device could be marred by the very accident. Though most of the time, you can keep on using the device with a crack on the screen provided it does not bother you much but if it does and you want to replace the screen then goes without saying that it is not going to come easy on your pocket. There’s a thing with Apple devices and its repairs that they are always expensive. So when such incidents of screen damage occur, then a person is usually left with three choices, get it repaired from Apple by digging a hole in your pocket, let it be that way and when the time comes, upgrade the device, lastly, seek help or repair from the third party. It depends upon your preference or choice of the decision, though the perks of getting the replacements from Apple are higher than the third parties while vice versa is the case when it comes to repairs. There are various third-party vendors who have to work towards mobile or smart devices repairs but you need to work with someone who would give you credibility on the services being rendered. Side Kick Mobile Australia has been doing a fine job in this regard as they are not only providing high-quality accessories for mobile and handheld devices but also offer repairs when required. All you have to do is get in touch via email and they will work their way through you.  Generally, when the screen of the iPad gets compromised then a person does not think about the safety cushions which can be taken due to the moment of panic but there are certain things that one can opt for in order to appease the situation at hand, such as: 

Apple Extended Care 

If your device is under the cover of extended Apple Care then you can get your iPad screen repair in Brisbane or replace quite cheap as compared to the regular bargain, even if it is an accidental drop off damage. Besides, your screen would then come with an add-on 1-year further warranty which means if your screen gets damaged again or touch system stops working then again you can have it replaced or repaired for free. Taking it all in one would make this option a lot cost effective than other options. If you have the extended protection then you must use it by fully being aware of your rights of claims.  

Small Crack 

If the crack is small like a hairline then you can take your device to the nearest Apple store to see if your one year warranty would cover this or not. Generally, Apple’s one year warranty does not cover the accidental damage which means you cannot do much about the cost factor if the screen is shattered, however, if there are thin cracks hindering the vision then you can try your luck to have the iPad screen repairs at cheap rates. 

Smart Decision 

If the crack is small but could grow and shatter the screen in the long run then it is recommended to opt for the screen repair now then in future. Because holding on is not going to cost anything additional so why not now than in the future. It is important that you weigh down the pros and cons of your scenarios with a futuristic approach in order to make a decision benefitting you in the long run.  

Downgrade The Device 

The bigger the Apple device, the more it would cost in terms of repair, therefore, it is a wise decision at times to downgrade the iPad to smaller screen sizes in order to take advantage of all the desired features without letting more of your money go when the need of iPad screen repair arises.  

Sell The iPad 

You can sell your iPad instead of getting it repaired firstly then using or reselling it. It is a safe call, as the cracked screen does not make your device worthless, it would still be having a value in the market that you can cash to invest further in some other device or model may be.  

You can also opt for third party repairs provided the vendor is trustworthy and a professional person otherwise it will damage the interest of the device even further. 

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