Repairing and Troubleshooting Automatic Water Heater

Prior delving into the real essence of the topic, which is to know about “troubleshooting automatic water heater” it is better to understand similarities and differences between gas and electric water heaters. 

Similarities and Differences between Gas and Electric Water Heater: 

To begin with, there are many similarities between gas and electric water heater. Both are functioned by the help of the tank jacket storage tank. These tanks are made up of steel and cause insulation which aids in the reduction of heat in the hottest water.    

However, obviously, there are differences too. First and foremost, it is about the source. The gas water heater uses gas whereas, electric water heater utilizes power supply or in other words electricity. Other than that, the electric heater uses elements to heat water that are on the upper and lower side of the tank. 

Troubleshooting Electric Water Heater Problems: 

To make things easy for you to follow, we have listed troubleshooting in steps. All you need to do is to read, understand, and apply.   

Switch off the main power supply: 

It is very dangerous to work on electric water heater because of the voltage it holds (240 volts). Switching the main plug off before starting anything on them is mandatory. For that, you may have to turn off the main breaker box in the house. It is also recommended to test through testers if the heater is turned off or not.  

Problem 1: Fixating high temperature: 

For example, you are working on a problem in which there is no hot water, then you have to find the cause and then work on its solution.  

If it is that water is not heated because of not enough supply of electricity or the units being tripped repeatedly, or if it has circuit breakdown, then you simply need to close the main source. And then turn it on after some time, preferably 5 to 10 minutes.  

However, if the water heater is still functioning and didn’t trip, then you can follow the steps below for fixating high-temperature.  

  • Turn the breaker off 
  • Then remove the access panel of the upper element 
  • After that, remove both, plastic that safeguards the tank and the insulation. Try not to touch wires and other electrical terminals  
  • Mostly electrical water heaters have a red button to increase temperature. Press on to it so that it can increase. 
  • Put everything (access panel, safety guard, and insulation) back on their places 
  • Turn on the breaker 

Problem 2: Insufficient hot water 

Possibilities of not warming or heating water in the required temperature could be because of several reasons. One of the most common reason is about the size of the unit. It is that the units are just too small to heat water according to the need. Therefore, it is important to know the exact capacity of the unit. To know the right calculation, researches and studies were carried out. Those revealed that seventy-five percent is the real capacity of any unit to heat water. 

So, if you think that the unit is not small and it is just something else that doesn’t let water heat sufficiently, then you have to find the real cause. It could be because of something that is related to the shortage of producing less hot water. We need to fix it by getting an appropriate size.  

Problem 3: Extra-hot water temperature: 

Another problem that people face a lot in the electric water heater is based on extra-hot water. It is equivalently torturous and daunting like shortage of water. Temperature could be fixed by following the steps mentioned below.  

First of all, check the thermostat. For that you need to: 

  • Close power or electric supply.  
  • Then remove all three things – plastic safety socket, access panel, and insulation. Don’t touch it until you check it with the testers about electricity supply. 
  • Check if the heating setting is same which is anywhere from 115 and 125 Fahrenheit.  
  • Then, you need to bring temperature according to the required one. That could be done through the help of flathead screwdriver.  
  • Adjust thermostats back and put all three things to their place.  
  • Switch on the heater’s electricity breaker.  

Last Verdict – Conclusion:  

Hot water service repairs Adelaide are available around the clock for those who can’t handle fixtures on their own. Hiring these services will put you in peace as they are professionals and experts in the field and don’t put you down by any means.  

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