Preparing Your House For The Move – Here Are Some Useful Tips! 

When you are moving to a house in Australia, all you want to know and be assured of is that the job is in good and professional hands. Finding a reliable removalist is not at all an easy task. And also, just half the battle, the other half is in your hands. When you hire a removalist then do not expect that they are going to whisk away all your stuff magically and things would be settled in a blink of an eye.  

There are many things that you should do beforehand to support the removalists for the move. The list of things to do for preparation tends to be long but it is imperative to ensure that your stuff reaches at the destination safely and securely.  

Below is given an essential relocation checklist which would help you to prepare your house for the move: 

Arrange A Baby Sitter 

Nobody likes to have kids running around scattered stuff and packed boxes; therefore, hiring a babysitter beforehand is a great idea. So your mover could work smoothly and so as you. This would also keep the kids from getting hurt. 


Removalists usually charge on the hourly basis, therefore, to save time and money it is better to dismantle big items like bed frames, dining table and other large items which would be time-consuming for a house removalist. If you have got a screwdriver, a drill, and some muscle power then take the plunge. 

Order the Routine Affairs 

It is of paramount importance to take care of your routine affairs while on relocation such as: arrange all your important documents in a folder, notify electoral office about your new address, update address of your official documents, redirect your mails to the new address, redirect newspaper subscription, transfer or set up utilities at new place, arrange for the transfer of bank accounts, internet and telephone connection and electricity connection, to name a few and lastly, dispose of everything that you do not need.  

Empty Your Fridge 

To keep the food from spoilage and for the safe transport of the refrigerator, it is important that you turn it off 2 hours prior to the arrival of house removalist. Unpack its contents as well. You can also buy a car cooler to keep the food items in it if your destination place is far away from your current location.  

Tape Down the Doors 

Mostly furniture or machinery gets damaged due to their swinging doors, hitting around. The best way out is to get a masking tape and put it on the doors and drawers of all furniture items, fridge or anything with the sliding capacity.  This is another job done to make things easier for the house removalists Werribee. 

Removalists On The Run is a mover which could help you in better preparing for the move with their consultation session before the relocation day. You can read more about their services, here. 

Pack Professionally 

Either hire the services of a professional packer or do the job yourself beforehand but do not leave this task at the last minute. Packing usually consumes most of the time, therefore, should be done weeks or days before. Make sure you have packing material such as tapes, markers, bubble wraps, newspapers, boxes of different sizes, etc. available. Also, do not forget to mark your items on each side and also, prepare a list of items room wise. This will not only help your house removalist in moving smoothly but would be a great relief for you as well on the day of the move. 

Things to Do on Moving Day 

Your job is not done once the furniture removalists Melbourne Western suburbs has arrived. But there are certain things that you must do on the day of relocation as a goodwill gesture, such as: leave a note for new residents with your contact details and any helpful information about the neighbours, remove your remote control garage opener from the car, leave the house clean, bid farewell to your neighbours, turn off the power and make sure all doors and windows are properly locked.  Lastly, check if all the items of the checklists have been moved into the van.  

These simple tips will make your relocation time not only stress-free but also you would have more of it to enjoy for yourself during the house moving phase. You can read more on the moving tips, here. 

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