Make your signs better with laser cutting

Laser cutting In Melbourne and other areas is becoming a popular method of making signs and for outdoor advertising. It is a form of technology that uses laser to cut different materials into shapes that other conventional drills will have difficulty with. It uses a high-power laser that is directed at the material through a computer and the laser then melts, burns and vaporizes the material leaving an edge that has a high-quality surface finish. The process allows you to create exceptional shapes and styles for pop up displays advertising signs which makes the end product more refined as the machine gives creative finish to your normal acrylic sheet or wooden board. Laser cutting Melbourne and other areas can be used on different metal sheets such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium as well as other materials that are required by customers. You can use a pulsed beam which is short bursts of laser or a continuous wave beam that works continuously. The intensity of the beam and the length and heat output can be controlled depending on the material and a special focus lens can also be used for more detail. There are 3 types of laser cutting: C02 cutting, crystal cutting and fiber laser cutting. C02 cutting uses a gas laser with a carbon dioxide mixture and is mostly used on materials other than metal. Crystal cutting uses lasers with sold state crystal and can be used for metals as well as non-metals. Fiber laser cutting uses a fiber laser which is amplified using glass fibers and is a much cheaper option for metals and non-metals.

Laser cutting in Melbourne has gained momentum over other traditional methods as it a very cost and product effective process that can be conducted using the following machines: 

  1. Rotary laser cutting is used for steel tubes and pipes as it greatly reduces production costs. 
  2. Robotic laser cutting is the latest innovation on 3D laser cutting that allows flexibility and more control and can be accessed from wherever you may be. It uses autofocus sensors that allow for greater precision and more effective output. 
  3. Small format cutting allows thick materials to be cut accurately and produce perfect finishes on metals as well as non-metals. 
  4. 5 axes cutting allows for three-dimensional cutting of profiles as well as two-dimensional cutting of metals and can reach areas which would otherwise be very difficult to reach. It is a very versatile machine that has the ability save a lot of time in production. 
  5. Large format cutting is used for high level of efficiency in ship building, signage and even automotive as they produce very accurate results. 

Laser cutting allow for the elimination of the need for machining in certain engineering jobs and thus saves money in the costs related to manufacturing. It allows for greater precision and better finishing on complex shapes without the need for any other tools and at a speed faster than other conventional cutting methods. When you are ordering signs for your business or company, you will have a huge range of options to choose from but laser cutting has a certain edge over other methods of cutting. The versatility with which you can cut out designs and lettering using a high powered and computer aided laser is unparallel. Detailed engravings and cut outs can be made with a lot of precision and suited to match all your specifications. For those businesses that require detailed metal signage, laser cutting is an excellent option as it produces visually striking and durable signage. The alternative methods are much more difficult and will not give you the accurate results that you desire. It is not only metals that can be cut but acrylics and wooden boards can also be artistically engraved to any size you want. Custom logos are one of the main uses of laser cutting process and can be programmed with any template on any material. The laser can repeat the process reliably for a number of times and you can cut complex patterns easily for as many signs as you want. With unmatched accuracy and the ability to repeat, laser cut signage the perfect choice for you! 

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