Mainstreaming With Mary Jane 

With Marijuana slowly but surely being legalized around the world for both personal and medical, it is increasingly becoming part of more mainstream culture. Perhaps it’s not quite front and centre just yet, but smoking a joint is no longer just the domain of hippies, rebels and Amsterdam vacationers. Indeed the language of smoking dope is something that you need to be familiar with, even if you are not a smoker yourself, if you don’t want to appear old and out of touch. We’ve put together a handy little guide to help you follow conversations between your mates, who might not be stoners, but who are definitely a little edgier than you are. 

The old e-cigarette is not just the domain of former nicotine addicts and cigarette smokers. Smoking cannabis via a vape is very trendy these days as well. If you wanted to join the trend you could quite easily buy dab pen online. Google is your friend in this regard and it will take you wherever you need to go to get one. There are vape starter kits Australia readily available.   

Keeping it social 
As much as the laws surrounding marijuana use have changed, so the habits and routines around its consumption have stayed the same. The old hot box concept of piling into a car, closing the windows and lighting up remains a favourite for smokers on eth move. It’s a super social way to get high and although it’s not quite as effective as inhaling yourself, it still has some effect – although obviously the idea is that the joint is passed around anyway so it’s not just about getting high from the second-hand smoke. 

Going green 
Baking has always been a firm favourite with those who enjoy a marijuana’s benefits but who prefer not to smoke. Be warned, if somebody offerings you a green muffin or cookie, they are not referring to anything environmentally friendly, they are talking about baked-goods that will get you high. And for the uninitiated beware, the effects of green muffins take a lot longer to become noticeable than if you are smoking. So often the temptation is to have more than one. “This stuff doesn’t work on me,” is the familiar refrain of many novices as they pile more muffins into their mouths – just 30 minutes shy of being higher than they ever  imagined possible. 

It’s actual business 
Before Marijuana was legalized it’s sale was the domain of small time crooks and dealers. But with the rapidly changing legislation around its use, it has now become a viable business opportunity for many. These good folk who grow, package or distribute the drug are now known as Ganjapreneurs and they are setting themselves up all over the place. Where previously the opportunity to make money from the sale of Ganja was always illegal, it is now a respectable career opportunity and one that is recognized as bringing benefit to many. As a drug it is prescribed while as a substance available to the public the rest of the world are starting to see the economic and social benefits first spotted by the Dutch so many years ago.         


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