Learn about Construction Signage

What are constructions signage? 

Construction signage Melbourne is an absolute necessity of any construction site. These signs ensure safety of the passerby cars and pedestrians. The signs are not only important for the safety of the people passing near the construction site, but also for the workers that are working on the site. There is a wide range of signs that are available to be installed, as per the need of the site and the message that needs to be conveyed to the public. Moreover, construction signs also help in advertising the name of your company. The sign boards are designed to attract attention, which is the primary objective of a bill board as well. So, construction signs are a great way to get the general public used to of your brand name.  

There are many benefits of using construction signs and some of these benefits are mentioned in the upcoming segments, along with the methods to improve the effectiveness of the method. For now, you need to know that there are different types of signs, such as wooden boards, aluminum and vinyl banners. It is partially your choice and partially the weather conditions that determine the type of material that is to be used.  

Where the signs should be used? 

Sings boards have a vast application and you can install them for as many places as you want. The applications vary as per the message that needs to be conveyed through them for example, there is a sign board that warns the people passing by of falling objects or risk of falling from a building. As for the workers, the construction signs can be used to warn them about any hazardous place, about any danger to the exposed food or if they need to be advised to wear safety gear or some special equipment. The signs can also be used to warn the general public as well as the labors to avoid the area in case of fire or any other catastrophic event. To sum up, following are some of the applications of sign boards: 

  • A place with risk of falling 
  • Advice to wear any safety equipment such as goggle s or gloves in a dangerous area 
  • Presence of any heavy duty vehicles 
  • Any place with a risk of fire 
  • To slow down the incoming traffic 

Some tips for increasing the effectiveness of signs 

Installing construction signage is no piece of cake. There are a lot of considerations that you need to take care of, when making construction signs. Contrary to the popular belief, there is more to consider than just choosing the right font and background color. Take note of the tips below and it will certainly enhance the effectiveness of your construction site signs.  

  • Use simple language. 
  • Use easy-to-read font that can be read from a distance. 
  • Use contrasting colours of the background and font.  
  • Use standard symbols or any other symbol that is easy to read for the general public.  
  • Choose a suitable size of the font that is easy to read from a distance.  
  • When using sign to warn the workers, make sure all workers are familiar with the signs that are used. 

Advantages of construction signs 

There are a lot of reasons for installing construction signage in your construction site. If you have doubts about its importance in a construction venue, take a look at the following benefits.  

  • Effective advertisement 

This is a great incentive for the companies to install construction signs. The signs are a great way to grasp the general public’s attention so this helps in getting the general public familiarize with your brand name. You can do this by installing maximum number of sign boards. The people passing by will be forced to read your sign board. 

  • Keeps your workers safe 

Apart from the signs that are directed towards general public, the signs can also be used for keeping your workforce safe and sound. This will save you from any delays in your project due to injured labor.  

  • Acts as a filter 

The construction signage does not allow general public in the area. This helps the site stay free from any public, making the construction site free from any debris. This helps in executing the project successfully.  

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