How To Make Jumping Castles Safe For Kids At Events

Many public and private events for kids have been using jumping castles as a lucrative mean to increase attendance of kids and their parents at the events. Even at private parties, you could see kids playing around the castles and engaging in other similar activities with enthusiasm.  

When summer comes then you can see inflatable castles all around Australia at kids-friendly places. Even organizations use these castles to raise funds for various charity projects. All in all, it is safe to say that, inflatable castles have been a sure source of entertainment for kids across Australia.  

But are they safe enough for kids? The organisers need to ensure that as it is about the safety of kids and children. Below is given a list of safety measure which should be taken to ensure the utmost safety of kids while they are playing around and jumping in the castles.  

Public Liability Insurance Cover 

While hiring the company to set up a jumping castle at your event, you should first choose a vendor with a good track record and positive testimonials. Then you should ask them for the public liability insurance coverage if they are providing any or not. Generally, a vendor should have the insurance cover of at least $2,400,000. Footy Jumping Castle in Sydney is quite a famous company at providing a wide variety of kids jumping castles while also having a coverage of $20,000,000.  

A Team to Setup the Castle 

Instead of setting up the castle on your own, it is best to ask the chosen vendor to install it for you at the event, this will ensure that the placement has been made with due care by using the experts. One should never try to set up the kids jumping castle hire Sydney on its own or with the help of no-expert friends as it also involves heavy anchors and a blower management which plays a key role in the safe functioning of the castle.   

Follow the Standards 

It is important to know about the manufacturer of the castle and the instruction tag that they provide along with castle, stating the standard operating procedures as well as the weight it could bear, the height limits and the number of people who can use it. An add-on step to remove your doubts. 

Guarantee for Safety 

Ask the vendor about the usability age of the inflatable castle, if it is more than a year then ask them to provide you with a proof that it is approved to be safe for kids by a competent and relevant person by the company.  

Safe Electric Blower 

Electric blowers are one of the equipment that comes along with the castle and plays a pivotal role in the complete setup process. You need to ensure that these blowers are safe to use and have been tested and inspected at least on annual basis. 

Install Crowd Barriers 

As kids love jumping castles and rush towards them on seeing. Therefore, it is important and equally safe to install crowd barrier at a high gathering event. As each kids jumping castle has a limit of participants, hence, to keep from the over-limit issue it is best to have barriers installed at the path of the caste so you could control the number of kids entering the castle as per the prescribed limit.

Get a Supervisor

It is always recommended to ask your vendor to provide you with a supervisor to manage the jumping castle at the event. They know how to handle the crowd and safe operations of the castle more than you or me. Hence, it is best to get one on board.

Weather Conditions

As the weather gets unpredictable at times in Australia, therefore, make sure if the weather gets too hot or too cold then do not use the inflatable castles as they could react to the extreme weather conditions and cause a risk for kids.

Footy Jumping Castles take care of all such things even more to ensure the security and safety of kids. They have been in operations since long, providing inflatable castles as well as other fun activities and gimmicks for both kids and adults at commercial as well as non-commercial level. Goes without saying that half of your headache about the kids’ safety would be long gone with them, while the other half would be dusted once things would start operating at the event as they have a team of very skilled and expert people to depute at the event locations. 

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