How To Find Out If Cloud Hosting Is Right For Your Website

Thinking about upgrading your existing web hosting plan to a cloud-based one? Cloud technology has brought excellent benefits to small businesses and start-ups, including increasing accessibility and providing web-based applications. Now hosting plans have gone cloud too.

While cloud web hosting undoubtedly offer excellent perks to businesses of all manners, it is not a technology solution that fits every website. You may want to think twice before spending money on an expensive cloud hosting plan that your business may not be able to afford. Read ahead to find out if a cloud hosting plan is the best for your website and company:

Check the Traffic Numbers

Cloud technology uses the internet to connect your website to dozens or even hundreds of virtual servers. The benefit here is that all these servers can pitch in to handle heavy volumes of traffic that come to a website. Websites can experience little to no risk of ever going offline with these virtual servers. You already know that typical hosting plans make only one server available for your website. Imagine the potential of being connected to many.

If your website attracts tens of thousands of clicks per week, then a cloud hosting plan would be the ideal choice. However, if your website still only gets a couple of hundred, or maybe a thousand, clicks per week, you should stick to shared hosting to avoid overspending. If your website has experienced sudden spikes in traffic that is just too much for the current hosting plan, then cloud may be the way to go.

Think about Growth Goals

Obviously, you don’t intend to keep the traffic numbers the same for your website forever. You already have plans to grow and scale. If you anticipate very high volumes of traffic in the future, switching over to cloud now may be the most sensible solution. However, be careful. Do not pay hundreds of dollars more for a cloud plan just hoping that the traffic would increase. You must have growth goals and projections to scientifically estimate how fast the traffic flow would increase. If traffic looks like it’s going to increase tenfold in the coming month, then you will need to upgrade your hosting plan now. If not, wait till you have good growth numbers to switch to a new hosting plan.

Consider Access and Applications

Do you need to access your server applications while travelling overseas? Do you want hosting related applications to be available to employees scattered throughout the globe? Then a cloud hosting plan is for you. Cloud tech enables authorized users to access apps from anywhere using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. So, if you require increased accessibility anytime you wish, then cloud is the way to go.

Reducing Varying Hosting Expenses

Various hosting plans, like dedicated servers, reseller, or VPS, incur varying costs per month. Companies have to spend money on hardware, maintenance and software contracts that makes monthly expenses hard to calculate in advance. Cloud plans do not come with these additional expenses. Much like shared hosting plans, you will only have to pay a single bill per month. These definitely reduce upfront capital for hosting services. If you plan on managing your future finances in this manner, then cloud tech is worth considering seriously.

Once you consider all of the above points carefully, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding purchasing a cloud hosting plan.

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