Getting Familiar With Vape Mods

Intro to Vaping  

E-cigarettes or electronic vapes are getting more and more popular. Due to being a safer option, people of all age groups are switching to vape. Some teens are trying it out just to keep up with the trend while many are switching to it for being a safer alternative. Either way, vaping is becoming more and more common. The teens face no difficulty getting a vape or learning how to use it. The adults, on the other hand, face a hard time coping up with the terminology used. So here, we’ll be defining some of the commonly used methodologies.

401, 501 and 901: Such numbers represent the type of threading required for attaching toppers to batteries.
Atomizer: This part heats up the liquid to change it to vapors.
BCC: The Bottom Coil Clearomizer supports the atomizer coil at the bottom.
B&M: Brick and Mortar is usually the store that sells Vape parts like vape juice etc.
Cartilage: The cartilage sends the e-juice to the atomizer. It also sends the vapors to the mouthpiece.
E-juice: The liquid that contains the flavors for the vapors.
Throat Hit: The strong sensation of smoke that is felt when smoking.
Mod: This is short form for modification. It is usually used to refer to any vaping device.

Vape vs Smoking 

The first thought that pops up in mind with the word ‘vape’ is usually its comparison with smoking. Since the origin of vaping was focused on providing a safer alternate, it’s not unreasonable to expect a comparison. While there are number of differences in the health effects that both cause, there are other differences as well. Let’s take a look at few.
Starting with the most significant harm caused by cigarettes, cancer. It is well-known fact that the smoke produced by the cigarette causes a number of cancers including blood cancer, lung cancer and several others. Other than cancer, smoking causes other serious health hazards too. It forms addiction which makes it hard to quit. Vape, on the other hand, contains nicotine, which does not show any signs of causing cancer. Many medical researchers have declared vapers to be safe as it does not cause any long-term effect. A recent study at the University of ST Andrews, Scotland, has declared the risk of cancer because of vaping to be less than 1%. Other than health hazard, vape also does not cause any form of addiction, unless higher amounts of nicotine is used.

Evolution of Vapes 

The vape we have today have been modified over the last few decades. The first generation of vape, known as cig-a-likes, looked no different from a common cigarette. It used a flavor cartilage, an atomizer to burn the liquid and a battery. A few years later, cartomizer was introduced that did the job of 2 parts, cartilage and atomizer.

The second generation was titled vape pen. Again, the name was given because of how they looked. Vape pens were larger than cig-a-likes with improved battery and atomizer’s performance. Today, vape pens are used by the amateurs.  The third generation featured the Mods, which are most common today and you can buy vape mods online. They are called mods because of the modifications taken place. They are also called Advanced Personal Vaping. The reason for calling them so is because of the advanced technology they use in providing optimum performance.

Vape Mods 

The Vape mods, the most modified form seen today, comes in a number of options and choices. From selecting the flavor of your choice to selecting a part that makes the experience more desirable, vape mods feature a plenty of customisation. One can go for Regulated Mod or Unregulated Mod. Regulated mods feature a regulated supply of electrical current. They contain a chip that regulates the current to avoid overheating, as a safety feature. Unregulated mods, on the other hand, do not have such chip. They are limited by the resistance of a coil. Since there’s no chip to control the overheating, they are called mechanical mods.

Buy Vape mods  

One can buy vapes from a B&M store or online. Buying online has the edge of featuring more options and customisation. You can select from a variety of options for your flavor, nicotine level, battery and the type of mod you want. There are many companies that are specialised in vapes so you can get a complete range of choices there.

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