Five Ways To Make Hosting Easier

Whether you’re a professional party planner or just looking to throw a great party, hosting a great event takes a considerable amount of effort. Planning is essential to the success of the party so make sure to do your homework. 

Surround yourself with the right people for the job 

The right team will make or break the event. From the caterers, bar staff, florists and photographers, sourcing the correct people for the job is of the utmost importance. Luckily there are great catering and hospitality networking services like Hosbay where you can be connected with restaurant, bar and hotel owners with high-quality equipment, perfect for any event. Here you will find all the professionals with professional equipment right at your fingertips. You’ll know you’re getting the best possible service instead of going by word of mouth or random internet searches.   

Correct catering is key 

A vital element to the successful party is the food. There is much to consider when deciding on the catering. You should consider both the time of day and time of year when creating your menu. Remember there a greater need to keep food warm in winter and chilled in summer and both require more equipment than the average household can provide. One of the many pros to hiring professional second hand catering equipment is that you can quickly and easily ensure you have all the equipment you need. 

Get the word out there early 

You can hire anything from kitchen equipment, bar equipment, cutlery crockery, glasses, bottles, serving dishes etc. Virtually everything is at your fingertips. Once your equipment has been arranged, you can turn your attention to the other elements of your big bash. When you have finalized your guest list, be sure to send your invitations out at least four weeks before the event. If travel is required for any of your guests be sure to send save the date notes allowing them enough time to plan their journeys.  

Get those creative juices flowing  

Next turn your attention to the other details of your events. here are many online resources for researching and curating event decor ideas. You can even find full tutorials for planning certain themed parties or mix and match taking bits and pieces from different inspirations.  

Capture their hearts by capturing the moment 

Hiring a photographer to capture the event will allow you to relive and share the moments over and over again. A cheaper alternative to hiring a professional photographer is buying disposable cameras ahead of time and handing them out to your guests. Encourage them to take candid shots throughout the night and simply develop the film thereafter. You could also hire a photo booth or set up a photo corner with a themed backdrop and props and let your guests take photos throughout the night. An event easier idea is to come up with a hashtag for the events and encourage all your guests to add it to any photos or videos they upload to social media. Remember to take time to enjoy the event and the people to have joined you. It is a celebration and should be enjoyed.  


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