Find the Best Sanitary Fittings Catalogue at Initial Tiles & Bathware!

If you have been living in your house for a long time and are feeling a little bored with seeing the same interior again and again, then you should try updating some part of the house. And updating or revamping your house does not always have to start with expensive jobs such as changing the interior (which is the most obvious choice) but changing your sanitary fittings can also bring the change you need.  

Your bathroom is the one place in the house where one tends to spend a peaceful time relaxing is grooming themselves so think about how exciting would it be to update a few things in the bathroom such as investing in a new freestanding bath in Sydney. The whole look of the place can change with just that one upgrade and honestly, it is an investment to ensure a better quality of life. Think of it as an addition to your living style rather than just another expense.   

However sanitary fitting is not only just for renovation, rather if you are renovating, changing or building a new house (especially in the Western Sydney area) then you will find Initial Tiles & Bathware’s bathroom warehouses to be the perfect place to start your browsing.  


If you plan on changing, updating or buying new sanitary fittings then you will regret not checking Initial Tiles & Bathware’s bathroom warehouses. They provide the best and the highest quality materials for all Bathware items such as freestanding baths, LED Mirrors and more. Products from their bathroom warehouse are divided into the following categories: 

  • Basins 
  • Vanities 
  • Mirrors and Cabinets 
  • Baths 
  • Showers 
  • Tapware  

And so much more. And apart from their bathroom warehouse in Sydney, they sell a huge variety of these renovating items categorized as Tiles, Bathware, Kitchen & laundry etc.  

Their bathroom warehouses house a diverse and humongous range of products ranging from every price point to suit every customer’s budget and to suit the aesthetic of their house. This is what they aim for. To be able to satisfy as many customers as possible. Their diverse and elaborate range of products such as their very popular freestanding baths also makes them unique in the tile and Bathware market. It allows them to have an edge over their competitors in the market as they house such a wide range of products giving customers a wide range of choices to choose from.   

Initial Tiles & Bathware’s bathroom warehouses are known Sydney wide also because of the quality of their products. They are proud providers of some of the best materials for building anything from kitchens to bathrooms Sydney wide. They have many years of experience over which they have perfected the craft of providing the best materials for any product to fit any style.  

One of the most prominent and in-demand products in their bathroom warehouse is the range of freestanding baths. Get to know about them more below: 


Initial Tiles & Bathware’s bathroom warehouses house two different types of baths: back to wall bathtubs and freestanding baths. And a testimony to their range of products, the free-standing baths are available in so many designs that they can be further filtered according to colour (black, matte white and gloss white), sizes, and the type of finish.  

The prices of these freestanding baths range from a minimum of $840 to more than $1500. Between this wide ranges of price points, anyone is likely to find something that suits their style and choice to fit their house. Initial Tiles & Bathware is all about accessibility. There are approximately 34 different types of freestanding baths housed in their bathroom warehouse. I bet you never would have thought that buying a freestanding bath could be that overwhelming. 

All in all Initial Tiles & Bathware is the place to go for if you reside in the Sydney area or anywhere in Australia. They promise to provide the highest quality regardless of the price is low because selling low-quality products at a low price is extremely unethical. Including all that availability of choice and price points, they also provide free tile samples, have a fast and efficient shipping process, even provide design consultations with professional free of cost and guarantee a satisfying customer experience.  

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