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We all are created beautiful, unique and different of everyone else around. But along with this miracle of creation, we have been given an essence to beautify everything around us. This instinct of enhancing beauty is obvious in our living, clothing and infrastructure. 

But sometimes we ignore that fact that our body can also be beautified. We can enhance our special looks and enjoy the perks of being a wallflower. How can nose job before and after done? Well, thanks to the advancement in science that now we can transform you into a pretty looking person and one such invention is plastic surgery.  

Whom to trust! 

Let us help you with that the panthea clinic provides you with the most reliable and efficient abdomen-plasty and rhino-plasty. Here we offer plastic surgery of tummy and nose to give the look of your dreams. You are ageing and so is your body but not to worry because the shabby looks will not stay for long. Own expert will help you get rid of the extra tummy fat and give you wings to fly. 

All the beautiful women around you are rarely born like that. Of course, they enhance their cuts and shapes but it’s not a dream anymore, you can be a beauty queen as well. Get your rhino-plasty (nose job) done with us and we guarantee you that you will love the change. 

Give wings to your dreams!  

No doubt that all the surgical procedures come with infections which might cost you more to recover then the surgery itself. But at the panthea clinic, our expert surgeons take special measure to keep procedures free of infection. The instruments used for procedures are disposed-off after one use and the reusable ones are sterilised at high standards because your health is our gain.  

The most important fact that every patient should be aware of is that there is no such thing as a perfect nose or a perfect tummy. The surgery enhances and beautifies your feature but they cannot be transformed fully so whenever you decide to know about the tummy tuck cost, have a realistic approach.  

The expert opinion!  

Before going into any surgery, a teen of our specialists holds a discussion session with patients. Where they take note on general health conditions, fat ratio, weight, age and family history of any inherited illness. There is a special instruction for smoker before being taken in that they have to quit smoking for 3-6 weeks before and 2-3 weeks after. This is because smoking causing a delay in healing therefore chances of infection can be more and patient may get frustrated. So quit smoking to be beautiful. The tummy tuck cost in Sydney and time: This surgery needs a little more time as compared to the nose job because a major portion of the body is being treated. Therefore our experts keep patients under close observation before and after the surgery. But, it won’t take long, you will be able to resume all your activities within 12 weeks because of patients in virtue. 

The clinic does not only provide services of beautifying but also operates to remove extra lumps from nose to help you breathe easily and take some fresh air in with a lot more ease. We promise to give all the freshness you deserve. There are many clinics that offer services like tummy tuck and nose job before & after but it’s not an easy choice to put your trust on someone.   

The nosy nose: Unlike abdomen-plasty, the rhino-plasty or the nose job takes almost 1-3 hours of a treatment and a week post-surgery care. The doctors prefer patients to visit then once during the recovery week to monitor the healing. But, once heals you are good to go. 

The flawless look: 

Why go into such a procedure then accepting the reality but here what you may know. The incisions made during plastic surgery are almost invisible to the naked eye. The procedure is done so technically that right after surgery and after the healing time, the incision is barely visible giving you the flawless look you have always wished for. 

Being pretty is you right, there is no gender discrimination in being beautiful and look handsome. So just pick up your gadget and book an appointment with us, we promise to take you on a tour to a land of wonder, because, your trust is our profit. 

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