Exploring The Electrical Profession

Like any other profession, electrical engineers need to inculcate traits that make them more demanding and extra successful. We know it is not simple. And we also know it takes a lot of effort from the engineer’s side. But what if they are given some guidelines as to what could possibly make them climb the ladder called “success” faster without tripping and falling. Also, it would be a bummer if these professionals tend to impress others and just climb without looking down; both at the ground and on the rungs.  

Since there is quite a backlog on how to tame potential and on-going (recurring) clients, we have put in our efforts to dig in reality. The reality of what professionals do with their clients and what is expected of them. Also, we have discussed some core ethical boundaries that enable them to grow in a considerate pace.  

Let’s delve in… 

Personality Traits of a Successful Electric Engineer  

Considering you in Mona Vale, we have a slightly different take on limitations. These belong to developmental stages in Australia. Here, below are a set of four skills to improve personality.  

1.    Being bloody honest!  

It is always better to remain honest even if the situation goes against. It will be painful to see yourself demeaning and losing confidence in one way, but in long run, it will be helpful. At least, you will not be guilty from inside and would not blame yourself. Lying to save yourself may look good at that time. But, you should know that everything gets exposed easily these days. Therefore, be confident and shameful (simultaneously) to handle the worst conditions.  

Why do we ask to be honest? 

Like said and believed, honesty is the best policy, we should remain true to retain trust. Also, projects started with a lie could never sustain for long. A client that would find a lie would not come back again after getting the first job done. It is also possible that the client stops work in between. Hence, the importance of honesty plays a vital role.  

2.     Implication of Knowledge  

Knowledge given through books and other sources remains for everyone. Then what makes it different for some? Is it all about utilization? Well yes, it is. Not all use the bookish information or knowledge. They add in a lot of research, experiences of other electrical engineers, and see the results before checking it out themselves. In other words, the planning and execution of plans matter the most. You simply can’t know a project and without any thought-process, start working.  

Why do we ask to imply information?  

It is because of the fact that not all information is good information. Before application, engineers sort things out. What may work in a project and what not is figured out. in short, it keeps one unique from other engineers in Mona Vale.  

3.    Perfect Communiqué 

Engineers meet many people and need to talk a lot. They cannot afford to lose or miscommunication with clients and people from the organization. For that, they have to have strong communication skills. They should know how to follow instructions, clear them if wrongly put and give solutions to concerns from clients as well as colleagues.  

What will happen if electrician Mona Vale doesn’t comply with good communication abilities? 

Obviously, the probability of losing or failing project/s will become higher. Instead of increasing reputation, it will start to diminish. It means that one has to be proficient in both, written as well as spoken communication. Language matters a lot in such cases. Therefore, engineers should opt for the easy, understandable, and clear structure of language.  

4.    Looking from the Eagles perspective  

The outer and bigger picture tends to show smaller but also instant needs and wants of a project. Electrical engineers with unique qualities always look into small as well as bigger issues. For example, if an engineer works in an organization, then he/she never ignore the following aspects;  

•    Budget and finances  

•    Manufacturing process  

•    Parts or components to use  

•    Facilities and inclusion of services 

•    Resources applicable  

•    Availability of resources 

•    Percentage or total earning earned from the project  

Why it is important to look from a bigger perspective?  

Honestly, it is important to see from eagle’s point of view so that planning can be done after proper investigation and forecasting of manufacturing. In short, open mind gives better ideas and closed ones are mostly good for nothing.  

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