Contemporary Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For 

Jewellery is one thing that we never get tired of, but as the seasons change, style does too. With the change in fashion, the older pieces that you have been wearing throughout these months tend to find their selves under your contempt too. Let’s face it, you can never hate jewellery, but you can certainly get bored of it, after wearing day it, day in and day out. However, adding a new, statement making jewellery is the perfect way to breathe new life to your style and wardrobe. This year has particularly been extremely good for the jewels’ fanatics with the return of brooch, and a particular emphasis on bold-earrings, layered necklaces and a lot more. There is one thing, a trend or not, contemporary jewellery has always been a favourite when it comes to adding flair and fun to your entire look. This style of jewellery is hot and happening, even when it is not too superficial. So, if you are relying on contemporary jewellery this time to add some interest and a hint of elegance to your wardrobe, we can guide you on how to go about it. Let’s take a look at what’s in and hot in the contemporary jewellery this season.  

We love, love, love anklets, and they are back too. Let’s not write this trend off as something of the past, because the latest design and trends are perfectly suitable for formal and informal looks alike. If you are wearing them in summer, there are a lot of amazing ways to pair them up with shorts and a tee or a plain sundress. Just think of those dainty chains finished off with metallic beads or a pearl, oh how gorgeous that’s going to be. Another hot jewellery trend would be asymmetrical baubles, as they definitely fit well in either necklaces or mismatched earrings. Who knew that asymmetry is ever going to be a trend? Look for jewellery pieces that complement one another, and make sure the couple of them makes sense with your outfit. You will definitely rock, in the end. 

With all of the eccentric stuff, the extravaganza is back in trend too, so keep in mind you will need jewellery storage options too. The shoulder grazing and long, long earrings complimented with tassels and beads are also in fashion. Let’s just say that the bigger, the better makes sense here. You are going to make a statement with long earrings. So, not only make a statement, but make it, loud and proud. Another jewellery trend that is back with a bang is pearls on almost everything. You don’t need balls and royal parties to adorn pearls now. Break from the shackles of the stereotypical pearl dresses, by including them in your appearance in a completely new way. You can add interest to a simple necklace, pendant, anklet or a bracelet by adding only a single, elegant pearl. You can make it asymmetric by pairing one sophisticated pearl earring with another completely crazy and wild pearl earring. You can pull off this look at almost any event or gathering of your liking. Isn’t that just amazing?  

Chokers came, chokers conquered, but it has been a good amount of time since we said goodbye to them. Gone for good, because the layered necklaces are a trend now, and we love them. Don’t worry, if you still love chokers, these delicate chains fit like a choker with longer chains hanging down. If you want to add personality and drama, you can add stones and charms. But, if you want to take our advice, the multiple chains formula works the best with delicate and simple designs. Similarly, after so long, pendants and brooches are here too. Take a brooch and make your plain collar, hat or even lapel extravagant and stylish for special occasions. Moreover, pendants are also no longer a ‘grandma’s jewelry’, and have become latest trendsetters with simple and bright designs hanging around your necks.  

Jewellery, especially contemporary jewellery, is a fun way to upgrade and update your personal style by adding flair and charm to the appearance. Though, we all want to invest in jewels that are going to last a lifetime, but contemporary jewellery is going to be a good addition and fresh feel to your wardrobe. So, don’t wait now, and get your hands on the latest pieces that are making trend, because even if you are a skinny jeans and neutrals kind of a girl, we know you will still love them.  

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