Common Air Conditioning Problems With Older AC Units

Air Conditioners don’t last forever, particularly in areas where the climate is harsh and tends to get its worst during the summer seasons. The heat, humidity and storms all can be extremely dangerous for the overall life of your air conditioners. The weather and climate outside is important, but there are a number of factors that ensure how long your air conditioner is going to last. Other than the external factors, the AC related information like the type and size of the unit, manufacturer of the unit, and how well and frequently it has been maintained matter a lot. Having said that, the average lifetime of a standard AC unit is somewhere between 8 and 14 years. After reading all of this, you must be thinking; how am I going to know, when my air conditioner needs to be replaced? Yes, it can be a dilemma to understand, when should you change your AC unit especially when it seems that it is working properly. If you want to opt for an easy way, there are AC technicians easily available, consult them for an expert opinion. The other way would be for you to monitor the performance of your appliance, as it ages. You can watch out for these common problems that can arise over time. 

If you are maintaining your AC regularly, that’s great. But, even with the regular maintenance, you cannot add good years to your unit. After a decade or so, there is no better chance that the unit will work after this period. It won’t work the same way, as it used to and there are high chances that it no longer cools the entire space that was initially allotted to it. The time-period makes it to one of the most common problems that require you to change your air conditioner. Other than the general wear and tear, your AC can perform less efficiently as compared to a new unit because it can be damaged. Though you can always opt for air conditioning service Croydon, but most of the issues that have to do with coils, fans and compressor can worsen over time and with the period of usage. They will cause your unit to work harder, which will result in less effectiveness and higher energy bills. 

During the extensive heat or if your region has extreme summer, you must have noticed that some days a bit of ice accumulates on parts of your air conditioner. This can be due to a dirty air filter, which can interrupt the circulation of the evaporator coils. This isn’t alien, and it happens due to excessive dirt in the air. But, you will have a case to worry, when excessive ice starts building up on the coils. This means that you have a serious problem to worry about, and a fan or condenser could have broken or failed working. Similarly, if your AC unit is low on refrigerant, chances are it that it is suffering a leak. The refrigerant can be added, but it is not the solution, as the leaks are also impacting the environment. You need an expert to gauge out the actual problem with your unit, because some of the leaks can be fixed, while others require dumping your AC completely.  

The common issue that most of the AC users face is the fan problems. Your AC unit has two fans; one that blows air over the outdoor unit’s condenser and the other that blows air from inside your home to the evaporator coils. Most of the times, either of the fan can stop working properly, due to a number of reasons, and you can be unaware about it. Excessive dirt or damage, lack of lubrication, and damaged motors are some of the common reasons. If you continually ignore the problem, you can completely lose your unit. So, it is better to buy and new one instead of wasting your money, getting an old one back.  

There are multiple other reasons, in fact dozens of them, that can cause your air conditioning Blackburn unit to wear with time. The wise thing for you will be to change your AC, and not get into the vicious cycle of repairs, after a good time has been spent using it. It is always better to spend on a new appliance, rather than spending money on an old one that isn’t going to way the work it used to. Make your decision wisely, keeping the money, convenience and your monthly bill in mind.  

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