Buying A Concrete House? Here Are Some Concrete Advises To Follow 

As per the common perception, the concrete houses, even those that have been built with a steel frame or cast on-site are usually deemed non-standard construction houses. Just because they aren’t built in a conventional timber or brick structure, most of the property and construction experts suggest doing a through survey before purchasing a concrete house that has been built a good amount of time ago. It is clear that the concrete can get defected at times, which might lead to structural issues of your house in a long run. Having said that, most of the times it is easy for the prospective buyers to detect the structural defects including damps or moulds during house inspections. But, the problems that might cause due to non-standard construction procedures are difficult to be caught by an inexperienced eye. This has become an increasing problem for all those who are buying an immaculate house surrounded by a piece of scenic property at an auction. At such events, you usually don’t have enough time to figure out the non-standard construction practices. If you don’t want to face issues with insurance and mortgage, here is a comprehensive guide for you that outlines the pros and cons of buying a concrete home.  

Beware, beware, and beware! 

The majority of us has heard about the old adage ‘buyer beware,’ which fits perfectly to this situation. It is significant to follow when you are bidding on a house at auction. Whenever you see a property that has been described as a house made from the modern materials, or listed as ‘non –standard construction,’ it is your time to be beware. There is a good chance that if you buy the house, it will be difficult to insure and mortgage. If you are a cash buyer, this might not be a big deal for you, but you must remember that the future buyers will have to be cash ready too. Moreover, if there are some rough patches or wear and tear here and there, you can always opt for concrete delivery Melbourne to get them repaired. However, for bigger things, you will have to find modern construction home insurance. It is not only harder to find, but it more expensive than the standard cover available out there. 

Non-standard Construction: 

To describe it further, the non-standard construction can include a wide range of materials that can be used to build a certain piece of property. If you are buying an old coloured concrete Melbourne home, there are high chances that it will be categorised as ‘defective’ until and unless you don’t have it repaired. If you are getting some concrete delivery to repair the damaged concrete and are replacing the supporting steel, that’s great. You need to brick the concrete construction to a specified standard. If and when this is done, remember that your house will still classify as a non-standard construction home, but you will have better chances of getting it insured and mortgaged. There is a benefit here, and good opportunities for you to increase the value and visibility of your property for the future.  

General Repairs: 

The article might have a tone that implies there are only cons of buying a concrete home, that isn’t just the case. You get a concrete house for much less price than the market value and if you are weighing in the repairs and renovation too, the cost is still likely to be less than the other houses in the vicinity. This is a plus for the cash buyers, because they won’t have to congest themselves for a constant cash flow. Regardless of your payment method, you get to save too. It is worth mentioning again here that you should consider searching a home insurance vigorously before you go for the aforementioned repairs. It might be difficult to get, but definitely not impossible.  

Buying the modern houses or concrete homes isn’t a bad idea at all. We do not mean to scare you, but to make you aware of the things that must be considered. It is always better to have your property repaired before you shift, so you don’t have to face mishaps later. Remember that the decision is always going to be solely yours in the end, so be wise.  


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