Business cards will always be useful

When you start a business there are a million things that need to be taken care of. From the hiring of employees to the budget and how you are going to market the entire thing so that people know that your business exist. There are many ways in which people can market their business using various advertisement media such as magazines, tv commercials and even various videos and posts on social media to help spread the word. However, there is one marketing tool that has always stayed in fashion and is still widely used in their technological era and that is business cards. One of the first things that an entrepreneur will do is to get their business cards printed with the name of their business and contact details and then pass them around to various people so that people can contact you if they are in need of your services. These cards are a very versatile media for marketing and can be as simple or as creative as you want depending on your budget and type of business. You can go anywhere from embossed ones to sleek foil business cards and even the raised business cards for your company. It is very convenient for people to store business cards and look them up as there are card holders that people own and wallets still have places to hold cards so it is extremely easy for the public to hold all their valuable business cards in one place. They are extremely easy to carry around even in bulk quantities and business owners can take them along to various conventions to easily hand them out to potential customers as well. A well-designed business card will give a really good first impression to your customer and people can then pass on your referral to others.  

Experiment with business cards 

There are so many options available from foil business cards to raised business cards and you can even experiment with unique ideas to put your personal touch to it. Here are a few types of cards that you can choose from: 

  • A standard card is a very efficient way of getting your contact details to another person and is a safe option especially if you do not have time to put too much thought into it. It is usually rectangular shaped, and cream coloured on one side with the company’s key colour on the other. There will also be no coating or embossing of any kind. 
  • Premium cards will be printed on high quality paper and the colour palette will also look more vibrant on this kind of paper. They can be customized according to your budget and you can also choose various shapes such as square or circle.  
  • Matte cards give off a more professional look and the feel of it will also be more like satin which will help make a statement about the quality of services that you are offering.  
  • Embossed or debossed cards are usually made without any ink and the process uses heat to give texture to the card and to form words. They give a great feel to the card and allow them to be memorable to the customer in this digital age.  
  • Foil business cards are stamped using metallic foil or pigment that gives them a high-end look and allow you to choose between glossy colours and various textured metallics. Foil business cards are really eye catching and you can use various materials to be stamped such as paper, plastic and even magnetic paper. In order to make it really stand out, you can make sure to have a high contrast between the background of the card and the foil stamping. You don’t need to overdo the whole thing and can just keep it simple so that focus remains on the important bits of information and grabs peoples’ attention whether you are handing the cards to them or even if people see them stacked somewhere. 
  • Raised business cards use the process of thermography to add dimension to the card and the result is very visually appealing. It is especially beneficial when it comes to older customers as it makes it easier for them to read as well as interesting enough to hold on to or pass some along to their friends.  

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