Are You Searching For The Perfect Coffee Table?

Having a coffee table sounds like a good idea but when it comes to buying one, the alternates and substitutes available are too many that you have to go through a complete decision-making process to pick up the right one. No one can imagine a living room without a coffee table, that’s where communications start, people gather and eat, your store stuff and at times, work. A room without a coffee table looks as incomplete as a model without the lipstick.  

Tips To Choose Living Room Table 

What type of coffee table do you want? Round, square or rectangle? With glass top or metal top, dandy and chunky or simple and minimalistic? Heavier or lighter? The options are endless and deciding upon them is not a piece of cake.  

Considering this, below are given 10 simple tips to select the right table for your living room:  


Everything has a price and the price of coffee table ranges from being ultra expensive to super budget-friendly, depending upon what you want and in how much cost? The ideal process is to make a budget of your living room accessories, furniture, and lighting. Then split the overall cost by sparing more money for bigger pieces and vice versa. However, just ensure that the quality of everything in the living room should complement each other.  


Determine the size and style of the table as per the space available in the living room. For instance, if you have pets and children then it is better to go for round or oval tables. Their curved edge would harm no one if anyone falls upon it. If you can manage a distance of 30cm between TV and table then low rectangular ones could be a good option.  


Once you have determined the shape of the coffee tables Melbourne then you should estimate its ideal size as well. Generally, it should not be 1 or 1.5 inches lower than the seating of sofa. For a standard size sofa, 16 to 18 inches taller table works; however, if you have taller sofa then you should complement it with a taller table as well i.e. 20 to 21 inches. This will help you in accommodating guests rightly as well. Nowadays, low rectangular tables are quite in, they do not only cover up space but also add a touch of elegance and class to the overall setting.  


Being aware of the functionality of the coffee table also helps in determining which one you want. For example, do you want drawers in it for storage purpose or not? You want to focus more on the look of it or the use of it? Your usage criteria of it will guide you through the further process. 


Living room tables come in various materials. Industrial table designs usually are made of metal, while sophisticated ones have an amalgamation of glass and brass or steel. Wood, on the other hand, has its own feel be it oak, walnut, maple or cherry. Nowadays, lucite is also being used to give a more techno-modern look to the room and a floating feel. Your taste and preference would come very handy in answering these questions. 


The style is a very important factor for picking up a coffee table. The overall theme and style of the room can be used as a guide to choose your table. There are different styles available in the market such as casual, formal, vintage and modern. If you love a contemporary look then pick a sleek metal table with glass top on it. If you want a romantic feel then a wooden round table with curved legs serves the purpose. If casual is required then rustic oak would be a good option. 


A room should look comparable and in integration. Therefore, when you would place items in it then make sure that the visual weight of the objects is balanced off. You cannot complement the small-sized sofas with oversized coffee tables. You will instead have to use a small size table to keep things and overall feel of the living room in proportion.

Once you have decided on all the above-given factors, now you are ready to go and buy the table. However it is absolutely not necessary to buy one table only, you can go for more random options for coffee tables to add a different look to your room especially the one which holds numerous gatherings.  

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