Always Be Ready To Deal With Emergencies

The first aid training loads you with the essential skills and knowledge required to furnish the affectee with the primary assistance and at the scene of accident so as to provide a buffer till the main medical help arrives. But what do you think are the major components of this first aid, also called senior first-aid that we are talking about in addition to its duration and the relevant information?Prior to discussing the components, please have the comprehension that in addition to the first-aid response the senior first-aid training equips you with life support, handling of the casualty, the incident and remaining first aiders over a spectrum of situations inclusive of home, place of work and the  community arena. The senior first-aid course costs $ 100 at most of the training institutes inside the Australian continent. Moreover, it may be kept in your view that as a requirement for this course, a practical demonstration of how to perform CPR is supposed to be carried out on the adult manikin while on floor.

There is a list of courses that form part of the senior first-aid training program conducted by the institutes inside Australia. This list embraces approximately 24 courses spanning over 2 classroom days or 1-day practical within the classroom in addition to having prior online learning. 

The course content comprises:  

  • Legal and other requirements. 
  • Basic life support. 
  • CPR and AED. 
  • Abdominal injuries. 
  • Allergic reaction. 
  • Anaphylaxis. 
  • Bleeding and wound care.
  • Burns and scalds.
  • Cardiac conditions.
  • Choking and airway obstruction.
  • Crush injuries.
  • Diabetes
  • Drowning.
  • Envenomation.
  • Extremes of heat and cold.
  • Eye and ear injuries.
  • Head, neck and spinal injuries.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries: fractures and dislocations, strains and sprains.
  • Poisoning and toxic substances.
  • Respiratory distress, inclusive of asthma.
  • Seizures/Convulsions.
  • Stroke.
  • Unconsciousness.
  • Shock Management.

Plenty of courses for you to accomplish -Yes, it does appear to be so but not necessarily. The amount of commitment you feel within your mind would determine how well you perform at acquiring the senior first-aid certification. 

Your assessment could be in the shape of demonstration of practical skills by you, the degree of your involvement in role plays, quality of analytical work performed   by you at the case studies and your scores at the written quiz.  

You must rest assured that upon successful completion of the senior primary assistance program you will be issued an Australia-wide recognised certificate of attainment. One more piece of information would be hopefully very reassuring as well as alerting for you and that is the re certification regulation by the present Australian Industry standards which state that the certificate you acquire after having accomplished the senior initial aid studies would remain valid for three years throughout Australia and the CPR component of this program would have to be updated by you every year. Feel on your toes? Well, as we mentioned earlier, it greatly depends upon the level of satisfaction and enjoyment you feel within yourself pertaining to the practice of the course content over the years after having finished your studies for senior first level medical assistance documentation.   

The great news for you could be that the senior first aid course is also available on line. Once finished, you would then be asked to attend a one-day practical assessment session to consummate your studies. This means that if you are not able to take classes away from your home or place of work then you could still achieve the senior first aid certification through your laptop!

The senior first aid certificate could be an exceptionally fascinating and remarkably beneficial opportunity for you if you find yourself in such circumstances which generally warrant acquisition of the knowledge and practical exposure in connection with the medical help that need to be extended to the affectees by you as a routine work. It is foreseen that with the advancement of research in medicine more courses may be added to the first aid course content and thus the course duration may also be lengthened so as to adequately equip the students with the multitude of aspects pertaining to the senior first aid provision. 

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