A Land Surveyor For Every Project

The role of a land surveyor is considered to be very critical when it comes to working on the construction projects right from the very beginning in Australia. Because you need an expert by your side who could tell you, to what extent the site is buildable or not-buildable as per its condition and then, adherence to the local state laws. A surveyor can play a very vast role in decision making whether it is about buying a site or building a structure on it, standards and legalities to follow as well as the functional protocols; he or she is a person who has to work with the construction team, designers, civil engineers, architects, and builders to ensure that the project is doable and deliverable in the given frame of time without causing any violation of the local laws and regulations.  

There could be found many civil, construction and land surveying firm across Australia with a wide range of services and specialties to offer. It is your responsibility to choose someone who is professional, experienced and sufficient on right manpower. The Magellan Space has been doing commendable work in the fields of surveying and construction designs in Australia; their rich profile of clients and projects have outclassed them at all the essential fronts. It is, therefore, a good starting point to have a consultation session with their team of experts regarding your construction plan beforehand in order to be in a better state to understand and then to execute things. However, if you are specifically looking for a surveyor for the project at hand then look no further than following the given steps: 

Seek Referrals 

The first step in finding a good surveyor Fortitude Valley is to ask around from the relevant people and contacts to recommend you, someone, with whom they have or had the direct working experience. You can ask from your construction company or solicitors, architects or construction attorneys to help you break a deal with an efficient surveyor. You can also check online and read reviews about the prospects, There are some state boards in Australia as well who let you have the information about the surveyors on their site as well.  

License Is A Must 

While finalising the construction surveyor Australia it is important that you check for its license before signing up. It is mandatory that you work with a license holder and not others. These are issued by the state board so you easily check if the license is current or outdated and similarly if there are any pending complaints piled up on his or her account. You must discard all the other options which do not have a license. 

Assess The Surveyor 

You must have a one on one interaction with the prospect surveyor in Australia in order to better assess his or her abilities and skills. You would not like to work with someone who has a knack of delivering a half-hearted report by the end of the deadline, out of its in expertise. Therefore, communicating your expectations, scope and vision beforehand are critical then you can ask him or her about project related questions because the survey is not going to be limited rather vast and very minutely detail oriented. It is important you pick someone who is ready to roll along. 

Discuss Add-On Costs 

It is imperative that you discuss over the traveling cost and per hour surveying rates during the unusual circumstances beforehand, this works well specifically when the site is located far-off. Nobody wants to have surprises especially when it comes to exceeding cost limits. 


You can ask the prospect to give you a reference of the previous clients in order to know about its reputation with respect to work. You can also seek in fact demand testimonial as well before handing over the project. If he or she seems reluctant to oblige your request then avoid such prospects and look out elsewhere. 

Lastly, everyone wants to work with that surveyor Fortitude Valley who offers a great blend of experience, servicing and positive word of mouth. Cost could be a contributing factor too but not be that significant and in fact, getting the survey done beforehand, could save you from errors in the future execution whilst cutting unforeseen costs substantially in the long run. 

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