8 Tips For Safe & Secure Digging In Australia

There are many projects going on in Australia every now and then which requires digging or excavation of some kind at the construction site. The use of specialised tools and equipment is quite common and, demanding across the country in order to pull off specific tasks on the site with finesse and quality. This is, in particular, a very common practice in the construction industry where tandem tippers, truck tippers, trailers, and skid steers are commonly used to do the job at hand. Little do we know that one can simply not work with any random company to perform these specific tasks as these require high specialisation and understanding of the project. Therefore, you will have to do your bit of hard work in finding the right resource before committing anything at work. The Dig & Dug has been doing a great job in this regard by providing top quality services, machines, and equipment to the companies at competitive prices. Their USP is their vast experience and highly qualified team of experts who know how to engage in a specific project and to what extent liaising is required. Also when it comes to digging or excavation of any kind on site then things get extra cautious and preemptive, requiring the engaged force to do it in a way that no damage could be triggered underground, for instance, at times you could damage the pipeline during the process while increasing the construction time and causing loss to the company. Considering this, it is important that you work with those service providers who are experienced in handling various kinds of safety and security situation while digging down under, such as:

The best tip one could or must follow is to equip itself with utmost knowledge and legal information with respect to digging in a particular area.  

  • Have a pre-excavation list in order to give utmost attention to all the prerequisites before you start with the digging services Dandenong. Generally, excavators keep the list with them in order to stay focused and not to miss out on essentials 
  • One must have full knowledge about state laws pertaining to digging on site in order to avoid the fuss later on 
  • Generally, states have tolerance and utility zone with respect to digging in Australia, it is important to beware of such marked areas before commencing operations as there would be a requirement of excavation documents and paperwork which must be provided in order to pursue the excavation 
  • If the site falls in the tolerance zone then one must mark the area by using the right tools. Ensure that the marking is as per the state and local law compliance 
  • When you are rendering digging services in Australia then it is important to take utmost care of the things underneath the ground, majorly the pipeline. As soon as the pipeline is exposed you must put a safety wrap around it in order to keep it from getting damaged during the process of digging around or nearby the laid pipelines. Any damage to these underground pipeline would cost on your pocket whilst increasing the risk for locals, therefore, trigger the safety wrap, whenever required 
  • Whenever an excavator has to go inside a confined space then he or she should not do it in flow rather firstly and fore-mostly, check out for an oxygen level and other gas pressures in that given space and then decide whether to enter or not. Good air quality is mandatory in order to carry out the smooth on-site operations
  • One must opt for the trench shoring methods while trenching on site in Australia, rendering digging services Dandenong. There are specialised tools available for trench shoring as these help in accommodating the encountered spaces and structures
  • Make sure that the excavators have been using safety kits to mark the high consequence area where one must not pursue digging. These kinds of markers help in preventing and minimising the risk which could quadruple if not done rightly, out of negligence or carelessness. Hence, ensure that the excavators are fully equipped before moving forward with the operations on site

Digging through sound very common at the construction sites across Australia, but it comes with its own set of risk and drawbacks which must be addressed and be prepared for beforehand in order to avoid accidents and adverse incidents on the sites of operation. 

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