7 Key Ways To Promote Your Event 

lf you’re planning a large event and you’re looking for the best ways to promote it successfully, here are some of the main things you can do to make sure that it has the best chance possible.  

Use social media  

This is one of the most powerful tools that you can use when it comes to promoting an event or campaign that you’re running. With the help of hashtags and other useful little tools, you can now reach out to a huge audience and also a targeted audience, thus reaching people who are interested in your event.  

Make your promotion attractive 

With the help of companies such as SK Displays, you can create eye-catching and attractive signs and banners which will help to draw attention to your event. It’s important that you appeal to your audience both online and offline by advertising in a way which catches their eye.  

Advertise well offline  

Many people concentrate on online advertising, and although it’s a great way to reach out to people, it’s not the only method available to you. You should still consider offline ways of advertising, such as putting up large banners outside the venue or other relevant places, as well as a media wall banner where you think it is appropriate.  

Make sure you’re targeting the right people  

Before you start putting time, energy and efforts into your advertising methods, you should strongly consider who you are trying to target and who your audience really is. Everybody involved in the advertising of the event should be made aware exactly who is being targeted. When the target audience becomes unclear for events and campaigns, it can make it very difficult to have a successful outcome.  

Create a hashtag for social media 

If your event is going to be promoted worldwide or you just want something that people can use to easily find more information and keep up to date with your event, create a special hashtag which will be used only for posts related to this specific event. This could be a hashtag for the name of the event and then the year it is being held, or it could be a slogan or strapline.  

Promote during the event  

As well as promoting in the run-up to the event and making sure that all the necessary people are aware of all the specific details, you should also keep promoting during the event, particularly if you are running a charitable campaign or an event which is going to be happening annually. Not only will this help current participants to stay engaged throughout the duration of the event, but it will also help you to start promoting the next one.  

Get feedback after the event  

After the event, don’t forget to get feedback from a wide range of people who were involved. For those helping to promote the event, you can ask them what they thought went well and what was the most successful aspect of the promotion. For people attending, ask them what made them get involved – this will help you to find out the marketing strategies that work.  



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