5 Top Tips To Hire Professional Models For Retail Events

Nowadays no one can imagine any retail event without the glamour quotient and interactivity. As a result, many organizations and brands have started taking aboard professional activation services from third party companies in order to pull off the retail event & activity.

One very important constituent of any event or activity in Australia is the presence of models or ambassadors who do not even have a pretty face but could demonstrate utmost professionalism with a can-do yet flexible attitude. As they would be the first interactive point of the brand with clients; therefore, they have to be thoroughly prepared for the job at hand.

Generally, companies’ campaign managers and sales staff work in conjunction with the modeling agency and its shortlisted resources to trigger a successful execution. It is not easier to find professional and brand-oriented good models in Australia but a partnership with a good modeling agency could save you from a lot of hassle that you might have to go through if you have to do the job of finding and selecting the models yourself.

Considering the need, below is given a few tips which will help you at finalizing the retail activity models in Australia, such as:

Ask for Photos & Resume 

Ask your partnered modeling agency to provide you with the latest photos portfolio of the resources so you could identify the ones who go with your brands’ values and positioning. Besides, nowadays Instagram and Snapchat filtered photos could be quite misleading therefore it is suggested to always ask for the professional portfolio while looking for the promo models in Australia. Similarly, you can instruct the agency to submit a professional resume of each resource along as well so you could see and assess the kinds of work they have done, with which platforms and for whom. This will help you in getting to know about the aptitude and the ability of your potential model.

Relevant Experience 

For your event or activity, you need someone with the relevant experience. If the promotional model has no relevant experience then it would be difficult for you to assess the expected performance. On the other hand, if the model has prior relevant experience then you can expect that she would be able to manage the brand communication and assigned responsibilities at par with the brand’s strategy. Therefore, you can ask the modelling agency to provide you with few references of the shortlisted models so you could corroborate about their work ethic and professionalism from former managers.

Conduct Interview 

Another good tip to hire promo models Melbourne is to conduct one on one interviews with them so you could assess their posture, body language, the way of talking and communicating without a script, the habit of smiling as well as the flow of words that come out of their mouth. All these things are important for models while they are working in a retail environment for a brand. So if they have to interact with the clients, they could be able to pull off the persuasive communication. Crew Services Group has a pack of communication friendly and highly professional models who execute campaigns by understanding the brand values and objectives.

Hire Resources with Interest 

Retail activity models in Australia are of two types, one who is genuinely interested in every brand that they work with and second are those who just come up for the pay cheque. You have to differentiate both of these from the whole lot of interviewees. As any brand would like to work with only those who are flexible regarding learning about the brand, have prior knowledge about it and are trainable, so pick accordingly.

Background Check 

Like mentioned earlier, promo models are the first touch point of your brand with the clients, therefore, make sure you are taking those resources on board who have clean backgrounds as they are going to represent you in public. It is hence advisable to run a background check, you can use the HR software for this purpose, or can also opt out for Google search image option to check if they have been a part of any unlawful activity or wrongdoings during professional jobs.

The aforementioned steps might consume a good chunk of your time but these are important to ensure you are doing justice to it. However, you can take aboard service of any modeling agency like Crew Services Group as well to go through all these steps for you in order to save your time and inexperienced approach towards it. They have been in business since long and have been working with top retailers in Australia due to their revered professionalism and apt resource management.



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