5 Signs You Should Go and See a Psychologist

If you feel like you need some help but you aren’t sure whether booking an appointment to see a psychologist is really going to help you, it’s a good idea to find out what the signs are that you should start seeing somebody for therapy. It’s not always easy to take the first step and start treatment for anxiety on a regular basis for your problems, but here are some of the main signs you need to see a mental health professional.


Your emotions are getting more intense

We all experience emotions at times, ranging from anger to heartbreak to passion and anxiety. However, when your emotions become intense to the point that it starts to interfere with your day-to-day life, it might be time to start seeing a psychologist for some help. Intense emotions can stop you from going to work in the morning, can cause you to stop eating a healthy balanced diet and can make you feel tired and lethargic all the time, regardless of how much sleep you have in the night.


You have been through trauma

If you’ve been through something traumatic, such as a bad car crash or the death of somebody very close to you unexpectedly, you might need to see a psychologist in Gold Coast. Since this is something that isn’t recurring and has happened as a one-off event, you might only need short-term therapy. Short-term therapy can be considered as any period of time from a couple of weeks to a year, but it means that after a few sessions, you will be able to feel more able to overcome it. This doesn’t mean you’ll ever forget about it or that you will get to a point where it won’t affect you whatsoever, but it will become more manageable.


You can’t cope without using other things

If you’re reaching for a glass of wine every single time you walk through the door because you feel like you can’t cope without it, you should seek some professional help. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink every now and then, but if you’re purposely doing it as a coping mechanism, this can lead to addiction and further health problems. The same applies to other drugs and substances, including sleeping pills or painkillers.


Your performance is decreasing

If your performance at work, at home and in general is decreasing but you can’t think of any reason why it should be, this is a clear sign that you should see a psychologist and try to figure out what the problem is. You might not be aware of what is causing you to underperform or not work as well as you normally do, but a qualified health professional will be able to help.


You don’t want to spend time with the people you love

You used to enjoy spending time with your partner, going on days out with your children and socialising with friends over a cocktail or a glass of wine, but now you’re starting to feel like you just want to be away from people all the time and don’t want anything to do with other people. Isolating you from other people, especially those who love you, is a sign that you may be suffering from a mental health problem such as depression, and there are several types of therapy that can help with this.

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