5 Considerations For Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Aussies love to spend their time outdoors during summers in order to beat the heat and to enjoy the warmth of the weather by being at the poolside or the beach. It is not about adults only, children also love to play outdoor as well as this could be termed as their favourite area to play. Hence, it is mandatory to put a fence around the pool in order to protect the kids and those guests who are unaware of the presence of pool to avoid the probability of any unforeseen accidents. The Australian government also demands to opt for the demarcation or barricades near the poolside in order to protect the living beings from getting drowned in it due to unawareness.

The Glasspool Fencing Direct knowing this, have been providing high quality pool fencing options to the residents without having to compromise on the aesthetics of the house or the poolside. You can use a different kind of materials to form the fence such as steel, aluminium or iron but what has caught the attention of many is the glass material. Be it restaurants, hotels, bar or houses; people love to opt for the glass material based pool fence due to the elegance it brings to the scene. Due to the technological advancements, now you do not even have to support the glass structure with the auxiliary material rather going frameless could be a sure-shot possibility.

Considering this, there are few things that one must consider before opting for the glass-based pool fence in Australia, such as:

Frameless Glass Fence 

The most popular consideration for glass pool fencing Sydney is opting for the frameless glass option. This would look like a huge seamless glass panel which have been joined together smoothly to make a wall. You would see no steel structure around the glass panels making it look obvious rather the only use of steel would be at the bottom of the panels which would be stainless steel that neither corrodes nor rusts.  These panels are too exquisite visually as one might think as if these are hanged in the middle of the air.

Perks of Glass Fence 

The main reasons to go for the glass pool fence in Australia is you can keep an eye on the surrounding while swimming so if you are swimming in the pool while kids are playing on the other side of it then you can rush towards them in case of any mishap happens which would not be possible in case of having an opaque fence surrounding the pool. Similarly, you can enjoy the nature more with the installation of transparent glass fence as compared to other options, also glass fence brings more peace to the outdoor setting as opposed to others.  Lastly, the overall look appears to be more sophisticated and elegant.

Installation Options 

Frameless pool glass fence can be fixed on any kind of surface, be it of wooden or concrete. In fact, there are three ways in which glass fence can be fixed near the poolside: in the first option, premium spigots are used to fix the steel bottom of the panels in the floor then there’s slot fixing which makes it looks like the panel is emerging from the ground because you make the slots in the ground and then fix the panels in it.  Last option is to go for button fixing where strategic holes are made in the ground by using the bolts at the specific points of the panels in order to maintain the strength and balance of the frames.

The Strength of Glass Fence 

There’s a common misconception that glass pool fencing Sydney might not be able to withstand the winds which are not true. These panels are thicker enough to maintain the balance and strength of its structure in all circumstances. You might see them shaking a bit in cases of extreme winds but even then these are the safest options as the steel at the bottom would be properly fixed with the hinges, spigots, irons or alike.

Maintenance of Glass Fence 

Once the wall is erected, that’s not it. You will have to clean it periodically in order to avoid the damp marks on the panes of it. You can do this job by using the water hose and washing detergent or liquid then dry wash it to serve the purpose at hand. Apart from that if you would leave it on air drying then even that would be fine.

Frameless glass fencing is a sure way to add aesthetics and visual appeal to your house and that’s why many Aussies have been shifting towards this option to enjoy the seamless beauty of the transparent glass.

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