5 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips For Aussies

Cancer is one such disease which scares any sane person suffering from it, there are different types of cancerous conditions that a person could suffer from. However, one of the most common ones among women is breast cancer. A substantial chunk of women suffer from this disease around the globe, the alarming situation has made the protagonists more active towards the awareness, cure, and balanced life-cycle maintenance work for the subject matter at hand.

Due to the progress in science and technology, nowadays a lot has been done in the field of breast cancer and related women oriented diseases in order to make this world a better and safer place.

After every few and far between, you get to hear about the latest innovation or updates in the field by the experts working towards curbing it. There are many practitioners across the globe who have been working ardently in treating patients and sufferers at the best of their knowledge and experience but despite, being treated medically alone, for a disease as intense as breast cancer, is not sufficient rather you have to support it by adopting a better lifestyle which helps you in preventing or keeping from aggravating the disease a notch further.

Dr. Peter A. Girardi Cosmetic Surgeon in Australia has been working towards this field along with making people aware of the preventive measures since long. His ways of practice and in depth knowledge about the subject matter, has made him one of the renowned and highly trustworthy practitioner in the country.

Considering the importance of adopting cancer preventive routine, below are given a few tips to help you keep the breast cancer probability in check for the betterment of women as a whole, such as:

Control On Weight 

Excess weight or any unusual way of gaining weight increases the risk of cancerous disease for a human body, therefore, it is recommended by the Sydney breast clinic across Australia to keep the weight in check or under control. Also, it is easier to monitor one’s weight as compared to other measures in order to know if any unusual activity or pattern is going on within the human body. Hence, maintaining a healthy weight has to be one of the major goals in a person’s life else your body starts attracting diseases including the cancerous ones.

Physically Active Routine 

It is imperative for a woman to be physically active in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You might have heard from the breast cancer specialist to urge the woman to exercise or to indulge themselves in physical activities as these habits work wonders in keeping the breast cancer in check. A woman who does a physical activity 30 minutes a day stands a better chance at preventing cancer as compared to those who do not.

Vegetables & Fruits Intake

The organic diet is the name of the game for the forthcoming generations, in fact, the future is organic. Same is the case with breast cancer diet, one must increase his or her intake of vegetables and fruits in order to prevent the disease from happening. Similarly, keep the alcohol intake at a moderate level if you are a heavy drinker if you do not drink that does not mean you should start drinking. Whatever you do with the alcohol, just ensure that it does not exceed the moderate level of intake else breast cancer could be one of the horrendous outcomes.

Be Smoke-Free 

The Sydney breast clinic specifically urges women of all ages to quit smoking or keep themselves away from it. Everyone knows how bad smoking is particularly for a woman, you do not only end up being a potential of getting the heart disease, a stroke but also are more likely to get any of the 15 kinds of cancers including the breast one. In addition to this, bad breath, wrinkles and bad teeth are few more of the side effects which might motivate you further to quit smoking today and make yourself smoke-free.

Birth Control Pills 

Too much intake of birth control pills also leads to the risk of getting breast cancer as well as heart-related diseases especially if you are a smoker as well. Though there are many benefits of taking pregnancy prevention pills for women but there are potential threats as well; so if you are someone whose family history is tagged with respect to breast cancer then you must avoid taking birth control pills or should keep the intake in check at least as recommended by most of the breast disease practitioners across Australia.

In addition to adopting aforementioned preventive measures, a woman who is also a mother can opt for breastfeeding for at least a year which would land her in a safety net of not getting or attracting the disease. Apart from that, this very practice tends to be quite beneficial for the child as well.

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