4 Reasons To Hire An Open Photo Booth 

Do you want to make your wedding or birthday party more memorable and enjoyable for your guests? Does it look like that whenever you throw a party, people are engaged in it and just stand around with drinks in their hands making small talk? Well, you make your wedding/party the talk of the town and give your guests something to remember it by, A photo booth. The same ones you see at amusement parks and shopping malls. Photo booths have become extremely popular over the last decade in private events like corporate parties, marketing initiatives, wedding parties birthday parties etc. They are great for entertaining guests and capturing all those awesome memories. Photo booths help engage your guests and add life to your party. Not only this, there is a wide range of types of photo booths that you can choose from in order to meet your specifications. If you want to document your party on social media by using hashtags for your party, you can get a booth that will print out your photos with your hashtag on it, so everyone can share it on social media. Furthermore, you can create cool GIF reaction shorts with your friends by getting a GIF maker photo booth which you can share on social media, so your other friends can get a laugh out of them.

Getting photo booths for your party may be one of the best decisions you make. Here is why:

It Encourages Spontaneity

Hiring a photo booth doesn’t serve as an alternative to a wedding photographer but the thing is that when you hire a wedding photographer, the responsibility of capturing photos is attached to only one person and that too is an organized manner which means everyone is posing in order to look their best. With an open photo booth, you can tap into the virtually unlimited creativity, the spontaneity of your guests. So, go ahead and look for good yet cheap photo booth hire in Melbourne to capture all those big moments, but give your guests the ability to leave hundreds of other silly, little moments you might be missing!

It’s User Friendly

At first, you may find yourself confused standing in front of a photo booth with no idea how to operate it. Fortunately for you, the photo booth industry is getting smart and many open photo booth companies employ simple interfaces and remotes to trigger the camera. Moreover, most photo booths have an attendant with them so that the booth keeps functioning properly and they can explain to your guests on how it works.

It Doesn’t Put Pressure on Guests

Some people may be intimidated by your wedding photographer or be worried they’re not being captured in the best light (pun intended!). A rented photo booth, however, is an entertainment option that will be available for your guests the whole time and they can use it whenever they feel like it. When they are good and ready, they can go to the booth on their own prerogative and capture their best or often their silly moments on camera.

It Adds a Memorable Touch

While party favours are a thoughtful addition to any event, what’s a more personal touch than allowing your guests to make downloadable, printable memories with their friends? Chocolates, gift cards, and other small party favours are great but, in the end, nothing will preserve the true feel of the event more than a photograph.

Lavish Photo Booths will provide you with cheap photo booth hire Melbourne so that you can host your party without any worrying about if your guests are bored or anything. They know how you might feel at a boring party which is actually the reason this firm started up, because of a bad experience of the owner’s birthday party. Their photo booths are hand crafted and come equipped with high end professional DSLR cameras and printers so that there is no compromise made on quality. They believe that their success is inspired by the feedback that they receive from their customers. Most of their bookings come from the referrals of people giving their testimony of the amount of fun they had when they hired Lavish. So, head on over to their website for the best photo booth in Melbourne in order to make your event even more special.

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