101 Cleaning Tips For Glass Bongs & Pipes

Bongs and pipes have become quite a common mean to quench one’s smoking needs and habits across Australia as you could many young people engulfed into inhaling from e-cigs, Zippos, bongs or pipes. There are different types and kinds of material and sizes available when it comes to scoring the best bong for oneself however glass one would always come atop when it comes to having a satisfactory experience. Though such devices and tools are not that pocket friendly but despite the demand is high; goes without saying that, it is imperative to clean such devices on regular basis in order to have a less harmful experience as resin gets stacked around the walls of the glass pipe along with other things but most of the bong users find it extremely difficult to clean the parts of their bongs; they would either keep on using the same bong again and again or would switch to a new one. But cleaning the existing one is a pain no one would like to indulge into. Considering the issue at hand, one can have a much better experience provided he or she knows how to clean the glass bong. You can get the information or maintenance tips from your provider as well as most of the authentic and credible dealers in Australia also educate their clients on the usage and maintenance of the device. Online Smoke in Australia is one such resource which has been doing the job at hand quite well by allowing clients to choose high quality and diverse smoke equipment and ingredients but also, by educating them on the pros and cons of it.  

Regular maintenance, however, is imperative in enhancing the longevity of the bong as well as its efficiency, considering this, there are a few tips that one must follow regarding the subject matter, such as: 

Clean The Glass Pipe 

You could come across plenty of glass bongs for sale in Australia, however, the first thing you should do for the cleaning and maintenance of the product is to flush out the glass tank when on the cleaning binge. Once done, you should pour the warm and clean water in it and then rinse it out after a while. It is imperative to take out the dirty water of the bong out so that proper cleaning process could begin. 

Use Cleaning Solution 

As resin gets stuck on the walls of the glass bong Australia, therefore, you need to find a way to take that resin out of your equipment. There are many solutions available in the market to serve the purpose at hand as in you can use isopropyl alcohol or salt to do the job but it is important that it takes out the resin content from the tank of the glass bong. 

Cover The Bongs 

You need to cover the lid of the bong in order to ensure cleaning is being done satisfactorily. You can cover the bubbler with your hand or towel as well but it is advised to use the products specifically made for the type of bong that you are using. 

Shake The Solution 

Once you have poured the solution into the glass bongs Australia tank then you should let it be there for a while then shake it unless or until resin starts to float into the solution from the walls; only then you can filter out the solution. Otherwise, it is better to let it do its work.  

Address The Stubborn Spots 

During the cleaning process, you would come across the stubborn spots of resin as well which would become a pain to get rid off. You can use a brush to scrub them off the wall as you need to have a properly clean glass tank to complete the whole process.  

Wash Again If Greasy 

You need to see through the pane of the glass bongs for sale to check if the walls are clear and not filmy or greasy, if it still feels greasy then you need to pour the solution one more time and rinse through it again in order to have a clean and clear tank. 

Once done with all the above-mentioned steps, the last thing you should do it to fill it with the filtered water and then load it to enjoy the moment. It is not that difficult to maintain glass bongs provided you are willing to do it else you will have to replace the equipment every now and then which would be heavy on your pocket. 

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